Epicurean Philosophy

Everyone should eat more Art. Whatever your elegant affair may be, The Beautiful Table strives to create fresh, inspiring and flavorful cuisine for every special event, producing the ultimate of culinary artistry. Our standards of quality and strong connection to local agriculture, slow food movements, and organic ingredients ensure an extraordinary seasonal and local epicurean experience by engaging with community-supported agriculture and farms within the region of your event. By locally sourcing the majority of our ingredients and maintaining a strong connection to your region’s bountiful natural offerings, we believe you are providing your guests with a formidable and unforgettable experience. Whether it is Beverly Hills, the Hudson Valley, Litchfield Hills, or Napa Valley, we are proud to bring nature’s pantry to your Beautiful Table.

Everything we buy is organic (pesticide-free) and has been raised or grown without the use of hormones or chemicals. As a result, our food tastes and looks better – we guarantee you will enjoy the difference. Our products come straight from the farm to your plate, and we source our products from local farmers to guarantee freshness and to minimize drive time. We make it a priority to visit the farms, to meet the farmers and to see exactly where our products are coming from.